NEEDED: ms-window file viewer for sun solrais or sun os

NEEDED: ms-window file viewer for sun solrais or sun os

Post by David BURE » Fri, 04 Oct 1996 04:00:00


  I'm looking for a X window software that can display ms-windows
documents like amipro, wordpro, lotus 123, ms-excel, ms-word, *,
powerpoint, etc... or an e-mail client with mime-support AND a built-in
viewer for such type of files.

  I have around 100 sun stations here, and we really need such a

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SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics


1. MS-window text file viewer to read a text file in SCO server.

To all nice people,

I am desparately looking for a file viewer (MS-window version) for my
user to view some text files from their PCs running window 3.11.

The connection between the PC and the SCO Server is using winsock (TCP/IP).

Does anyone has any ideas ?

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