Need audio driver for Intel i810 ICH

Need audio driver for Intel i810 ICH

Post by jgile » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 01:48:38

My Operating System is Solaris x86, v5.7.

Does anyone know of an audio driver for an i810 mthrbrd and an AC97
onboard sound card... I have a Dell Precision 220.

I've tried the OSS sound card from 4Front Technologies, but am having
I/O problems and they aren't too helpful...

I'm looking for ANY drivers that will work, free or not.


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1. Intel i810 audio driver not working

Hello, I have a healthy Red Hat 8 PC. But the sound isn't working. The
sound is onboard. The Mobo= Intel D845EBG2. P n P is disabled in BIOS.
'sndconfig' modprobe run as root= Intel i810 AC97 Audio, fails: The
following error occurred running the modprobe program:
      init_module: No such device
      insmod sound-slot-0 failed

System Settings/Sound Card detection reveals: Vendor = Intel Corp
Model = 82801DB AC
Module = i810_audio
test sound does nothing.

Besides, 'do a google search' (found dozens of inquiries, no resolution),
buy another sound card (nope), or 'try ALSA' (i cannot follow their
instructions, i'm a newbie), anyone have suggest???



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