A missing library or gcc option? libstdc++ problem?

A missing library or gcc option? libstdc++ problem?

Post by Tom Lored » Wed, 07 May 2003 03:44:02

[crossposted to Solaris and gcc groups---not sure if this is a Solaris
or gcc problem!]

Hi folks-

I'm trying to build SWIG 1.3.19 on an Ultra 10 that was just upgraded to
Solaris 8.  "make" chugs along fine until the following link error:

g++ -I../Source/Include          -I../Source/DOH                 -I../Source/Preprocessor      
-I../Source/Swig                -I../Source/Modules          
-DSWIG_LIB=\"/home/laplace/lib/swig1.3\"         -DLIBDIR=\"/home/laplace/lib\"
-DRELEASE_SUFFIX=\"\" -fPIC    -o eswig  CParse/cscanner.o CParse/parser.o  CParse/templ.o
CParse/util.o DOH/base.o  DOH/file.o DOH/fio.o DOH/hash.o  DOH/list.o DOH/memory.o DOH/string.o
DOH/void.o Modules/allocate.o  Modules/browser.o Modules/chicken.o  Modules/contract.o
Modules/csharp.o  Modules/emit.o Modules/guile.o  Modules/java.o Modules/lang.o  Modules/main.o
Modules/module.o  Modules/mzscheme.o Modules/ocaml.o  Modules/overload.o Modules/perl5.o
Modules/php4.o Modules/pike.o  Modules/python.o Modules/ruby.o  Modules/s-exp.o Modules/swigmain.o
Modules/tcl8.o Modules/typepass.o  Modules/xml.o Preprocessor/cpp.o  Preprocessor/expr.o
Swig/cwrap.o  Swig/error.o Swig/fragment.o  Swig/getopt.o Swig/include.o  Swig/misc.o Swig/naming.!
o Swig/parms.o  Swig/scanner.o Swig/stype.o  Swig/symbol.o Swig/tree.o  Swig/typemap.o
Swig/typesys.o  Swig/warn.o Swig/wrapfunc.o  -ldl

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

It appears ld is not finding some math libraries.  Changing to the
"Source" directory and trying to run that link by hand, but adding
"-lm" or "-lsunmath" reproduces the error.  I've verified that
/usr/local/opt/SUNWspro/lib is among the load paths.

Any hints on what might be wrong and how to fix it?  The SWIG folks
tell me they do most of their development on Solaris 8 and that
it should build out of the box, indicating there may be a problem
with our installation.  They also note that the functions referenced
above are not used by SWIG.  The only suggestion they could think of
was rebuilding gcc.  Does this sound right?  Perhaps there is a problem
with our libstdc++?

Tom Loredo


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