gtar -F fails with solaris !

gtar -F fails with solaris !

Post by Markus Gruenkorn (MAG » Tue, 20 Sep 1994 18:49:41

gtar has the very nice option -F which should run a script at the end of
each tape. We need this function in order to use a dat stacker .
I compiled gtar version 1.11.2 with gcc 2.6.0 on solaris 2.3 .
When I try gtar with option -F and gtar should start a script because
I am at the end of the tape I get the message core dumped and gtar is finished.
Any suggestions ?

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    Entire Distribution OEM support cluster, OBP 3.2.30.

2. Ultra 2  Solaris 9 Entire Distribution and OEM support cluster.

On both machines the upgrade starts when I put the CD 1 and and reaches to
the point where I have to select whether I want to do "Initial Install" or

When I check upgrade it starts initializing the system and halfway through I
get the follwoing error

"Could not reinitialize the system state".

At which point I have no option but to click OK on the error and exit out of
the install process.

Has anyone seen this can anyone provide any tips or pointers.?????


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