dp-3.0 & gcc-2.6.3 : /opt/dp/bin/ppp dumps core

dp-3.0 & gcc-2.6.3 : /opt/dp/bin/ppp dumps core

Post by Betriebsforschungsinstit » Fri, 31 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Hi !

Does enyone has compiled dp-3.0 with gcc 2.6.3 on a SS20
under Solaris 2.3 sucessfull ?
It compiles fine (with a  few warnings) but a simple
"/opt/dp/bin/ppp -?" dumps core with a segmantation fault !

Any Ideas ?

Bye, Norbert.


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        I'm trying to set up dp-4.0 on a solaris machine.

        Everything seems to build ok, and install ok.

        When I try to start the daemon,  I get an error saying that
        the device /dev/dp doesn't exisit.

        I've already loaded the modules dp using modload /usr/kernel/drv/dp

        If I put a soft link to this routine, the file type is wrong.

        I don't know how this /dev/dp file is supposed to get created.

        ipconfig dp0 plumb fails also because the file /dev/fp doesn't

        Any suggestions.

        thanks, email preferred.

        Phil Maechling

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