Hike root on Netra 105 of solaris 2.6.

Hike root on Netra 105 of solaris 2.6.

Post by hxia » Sat, 18 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi, I don't have root passwd on a Netra105 and only have wyse terminal ( no
xwindow). Can't do boot cdrom on >ok. Any cool way to hike this? Thanks.

1. How to go "OK" promt from Netra T1 105 Rack server withour root password.

Dear everybody,

I can't go to Bootprom without root password. I just forget it. My
system is Netra T1 105. Now I swithch on the netra t1 usting lom ( tip
-9600 /dev/term/a) from Ultra5 using general id. so, when I use
command 'reset' from the 'lom' the system is reset but I can't go to
bootprom. Well, If I go to the boot prom than I can change the root
password. I even use the Break key but I can't go the boot prom. So,
What key combination do I need to use 'Break' key, I have ultra5
machine keyboard.

Pls help me...I m in Big trouble....


Quazi shaklain

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