Trying Application suite that usually runs on Solaris 8 to run on Solaris 10

Trying Application suite that usually runs on Solaris 8 to run on Solaris 10

Post by jmikl » Sat, 25 Jun 2005 06:54:51

I have read about binary compatibility so applications designed to run on
older versions should run on Solaris 10.
I have application suite consisted of iPlanet 5.1 directory server, Tibco
server and TimesTen database. App is designed to run on Solaris 8. I tried
installing suite of apps in a Solaris 10 zone.
First problem I had is about old iPlanet. ldapsearch coudn't work because it
was missing Solaris had and so.4.
So I copied .so.3 from Solaris 8 distro and ldapsearch was able to start.
Rest of applications was not complaining thru installation.
In the end, suite of application, when starts all components, iplnet, tibco,
timesten database, is not working. TimesTen database is displaying some
errors, but problem could be deeper, i.e. in iPlanet ldap.
Any idea how to pinpoint which app is not behaving correctly ?



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