what is boot -r?

what is boot -r?

Post by JCarr378 » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

to all the neophytes here are some basic commands.
1. boot -r boots and loads new drivers if you have reconfigured your sun
machine in any way.
2. at ok prompt: probe-scsi looks for all scsi devices on bus
3. probe-scsi-all   use if you have two disk controllers
3. ok prompt- test memory test all, help test all help you diagnose
hardware problems
4. always run sync;halt when shutting down disks and computer
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I admire your passion, Chris..

The only issues which have kept myself from looking seriously at Linux
would be:

* It's Unix and the learning curve to start getting productive strikes me
as probably very steep

* It doesn't support plug-and-play.  If your hardware doesn't have Linux
drivers, it don't play..

* Not nearly the amount of developers out there doing stuff for Linux as
there are for Wintel.  Can I get MS Office for Linux?  Can I get
Photoshop for Linux?  Can I get QuarkXpress for Linux? etc.. a big turn
off for me.

Reuben King
Email: "reuben at texas dot net" (in plain english to foil spam-bots.

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