EIDE Tape drives for Ultra5/10?

EIDE Tape drives for Ultra5/10?

Post by David Bar » Thu, 14 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I've got an Ultra 10, and could put an EIDE tape in the slot at
the top, but I don't know of one to use. Anybody got any suggestions?

I'm loathe to add a SCSI card just to do backups.



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1. ultra5/10 ide drive size

Hi! Dunno if this question has been asked b4, but here it goes...

If there a limit as to the biggest IDE hard disk an Ultra10 with Sol9
can use? and what brandnames have worked best with Ultra5/10?

I've tried a Quantum 26gig drive, and it works ok...

Now that there R IDE drives in excess of 100gig...I was wondering...!

Thanks! =)


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