Why difference compiling squid for Sparc and x86.

Why difference compiling squid for Sparc and x86.

Post by Hans J Jakobse » Tue, 27 May 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to compile squid 1.10 for Solaris x86 but get the following

gcc -o squid -g acl.o  cache_cf.o  client_db.o  client_side.o  comm.o  debug.o  
disk.o  dns.o  errorpage.o  event.o  fdstat.o  filemap.o  fqdncache.o  ftp.o  
gopher.o  hash.o  http.o  http-anon.o  icmp.o  icp.o  ident.o  ipcache.o  main.o  
mime.o  neighbors.o  net_db.o  objcache.o  pass.o  proto.o  redirect.o  refresh.o  
send-announce.o  ssl.o  stack.o  stat.o  stmem.o  store.o  store_clean.o  
storetoString.o  tools.o  unlinkd.o  url.o  useragent.o  wais.o   -L../lib -lcrypt
 -lmiscutil -lm -lresolv -lmalloc -lsocket -lnsl
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
__inet_addr                         main.o
__inet_ntoa                         acl.o

(The problem is the underscores in font of the names)

When I compile on a sparc 2 it compiles fine.
Compiler has been gcc 2.7.2 and is now
OS Solaris 2.5.1_x86 and solaris 2.5
Sendmail uses the same functions and compiles on both machines and
I cant se any difference in compiler switches.
What could cause this difference?

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