Openstep for Solaris

Openstep for Solaris

Post by Michael E. Mend » Thu, 28 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone have an opinion regarding whether sun is continuing to support
OpenStep for Solaris?  The website
 HTTP:// does not exist.  



Openstep for Solaris

Post by Albert Chin-A-Youn » Mon, 01 Sep 1997 04:00:00

:>> Does anyone have an opinion regarding whether sun is continuing to
:>> support OpenStep for Solaris?

:>I can't speak for Sun, but I can tell you that JavaPlan uses the
:>OpenStep environment.  It stands to reason that Sun will continue
:>to support it if they are producing software that depends on it.

We had JavaPlan here on eval. According to the sales guy we spoke
with, they are rewriting it in Java. Whether or not that means it
still depends on OpenStep I don't know.

:>Cecil Jacobs, miSOFT Engineer



1. OpenStep for Solaris ( Re: Windows NT vs. Solaris )

Sun has released OpenStep for Solaris, it's available for free from their
Website. If they continue to release tools which use the OpenStep interface,
the best user interface on any system, they will be going in the right
direction. Only time will tell.

Check it out at,


: : On the other hand, I will be the first to acknowledge tha many Un*x
: : companies have repeatedly dropped the ball when it comes to marketing
: : their technologies, and this is something that Microsoft does supremely
: : well.

: It is not just at marketing that Sun has failed. It is also at improving
: the usability of their products. When it comes to keeping up with the
: times Sun has done amazingly poorly.

: Today even naive users expect to be able to administer powerful operating
: systems with ease. Windows NT has upped the ante. NT provides easy
: to use graphical user interfaces to do everything from configuring the
: network to installing new applications. Even kids can install, configure
: and use Windows NT. Sun just hasn't kept up. If you have a Solaris
: workstation on your desk you better have an experienced sysadmin person
: on hand to fix problems. Even many Sun engineers can't install and
: administer Solaris without help.

: This is a serious issue. Microsoft has won the war on the client side.
: Now they are fast capturing market on the server side. A lot of people
: who would otherwise have purchased Solaris boxes are now buying
: Windows NT instead. The reason is not that Windows NT is a better
: performing server operating system. The only reason apparently,
: is that NT is easier to administer!

: Now with the release of NT 4.0 (with sexy Win95 user interface) and also
: because memory prices have fallen steeply, NT market-share is going to
: grow even faster (to the detriment of the industry). I predict that
: unless Sun makes Solaris easy to administer (even for kids), Sun will not
: last another 5 years. Java technology can only take you so far.

: Rajeev

: Redwood City, CA

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