Novice question on Solaris

Novice question on Solaris

Post by sf7032.. » Fri, 19 Nov 1993 17:09:22

Here is a novice question:

What is the difference between Solaris and SunOS?


Novice question on Solaris

Post by Steve Goldfie » Sat, 20 Nov 1993 04:14:15

#Here is a novice question:

#What is the difference between Solaris and SunOS?


Solaris is Sun's product that includes SunOS,
OpenWindows, etc. If you add 3 to the Solaris
release number, you get the SunOS release number.
That's the easy, precise answer. (Of course, it
isn't quite so simple. See below.)

However, people have taken to calling SunOS X.x
"Solaris" when X is greater than 4 and "SunOS" when
X is less than 5. SunOS where X is less than 5 is
based on BSD UNIX; SunOS where X is greater than
4 is based on SVR4. But Sun also uses Solaris 1.x
for the package containing SunOS 4.1.x, I think.
Or is Solaris 1.1 actually 4.1.3? ... Is everything
clear now?

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When I attempt to boot my solaris CD ROM in my Sparc Station 2 I get this
message that reads:
Bad magic number in disk label
Can't open Sun disk label package
Can't open boot device

This system is being used to test/learn unix and it has Solaris 1.1 on it
now, but we do not have the root pw and want to reinstall solaris but we
cant get the cdrom to boot..  should solaris 1.1 or solaris 2.0 cd's boot?

Please excuse my ignorance but I am a novice at solaris :)

Thanks for your time,

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