Anyone have an XV binary for Solaris?

Anyone have an XV binary for Solaris?

Post by Keith Delan » Sun, 04 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am in DESPERATE need for a binary for XV for Xwindows.....
I need it for the Solaris platform ASAP!  

Thanks for any help with this...



1. Does anyone need xv-2.21 binaries for jump 4.1?

There is a xv binary compiled for jump 4.0 (I think) on sunsite. But I
finally got the sources from I forget where, and compiled it with the
new jump tables (as on HJ's new bootable rootdisk). It compiled fairly
easily but the sources do take up a lot of space, and it took about
40 min on my 386/40. If there are more than a couple of interested people
I'll upload it somewhere.


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