X11R6 binaries for Solaris 2.5

X11R6 binaries for Solaris 2.5

Post by Uwe Kers » Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Once I got X11R6 for Solaris 1 on a french server. This was a long
time ago and I forgot the adress. Does anybody know where I can get the
binaries of X11R6 for OS 5.5 ?


Uwe Kerst

Please reply by e-mail as well


1. X11R6 compilation under solaris 2.5

Hi everybody,

I've just installed solaris 2.5 on my Sun Sparc 2 (I know, it's not the big
power, but it's just for test).
I tried to compile X11R6 on it with patchs up to fix-12 installed, but
compilation failed with error message :

  -Kpic ActionHook.c
"./Xtos.h", line 116: identifier redeclared: __builtin_alloca
        current : function() returning pointer to char
        previous: function(uint) returning pointer to void : "/usr/include/\
alloca.h", line 42
cc: acomp failed for ActionHook.c

I nothing changed since my last compilation under solaris 2.4 except my .cf
configuration file.
So, solaris 2.5 seems to react upon the parameter of __builtin_alloca function

does anybody have already seen this problem ?

When I comment the new declaration of __builtin_alloca function in Xtos.h file,
compilation works fine, but an other problem (I don't know if there is any
correlation) appears : xterm doesn't work properly. I can open a window and
work inside but when I want to logout from it, window doesn't disappear and
xterm loops

Thanks for your help



Genethon,      1 rue de l'Internationnale, 91000 Evry  FRANCE

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