Trouble installing Exabyte 8205 8mm tape drive

Trouble installing Exabyte 8205 8mm tape drive

Post by Christopher Williams Cowe » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 05:28:54

Does anyone have any advice for installing an Exabyte 8205 2.3 GB 8mm
SCSI tape drive on a SPARCstation 20 under SunOS 5.3? I suspect my
problem is improper modification of the /kernel/dev/st.conf file, but I
don't know what the proper modification is. All attempts to "tar", "dd"
or otherwise access the drive give the following mess:

data transfer overrun
esp:    State=DATA Last State=DATA_DONE
esp:    Latched stat=0x90<IPND, XZERO> intr=0x10<BUS> fifo 0x80
esp:    last msg out: <unknown msg>; last msg in: IDENTIFY
esp:    DMA csr=0xa4240010<INTEN>
esp:    addr=fc00d270 dmaent=8000 last=fc00aa70 last_cut=2800
esp:    Cmd dump for Target 4 Lun 0:
esp:    cdblen=6, cdb=[ 0xa 0x1 0x0 0x0 0x14 0x0]
esp:    pkt_state=0xf<XFER, CMD, SEL, ARB> pkt_flags=0x0 pkt_statistics=0x3
esp:    cmd_flags=0x10c22 cmd_timeout=120

800000 (esp):
        target 4.0 reducing sync. transfer rate
        polled command timeout

...then the whole mess repeats again, but this time says...

        SCSI TRANSPORT FAILED: reason 'data_over': giving up

I'm at wit's end. Any suggestions? Please post or e-mail. Thanks in advance.

Chris Cowell


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