Installation/Packaging software

Installation/Packaging software

Post by Asanka Kinigam » Tue, 10 Feb 1998 04:00:00

    Does anyone know of any packages for unix which allows
installation scripts/packages etc to be created. For example
similar to how install-shield works on Windows.

Thanks for any info



Installation/Packaging software

Post by Timothy J. L » Tue, 10 Feb 1998 04:00:00

|    Does anyone know of any packages for unix which allows
|installation scripts/packages etc to be created. For example
|similar to how install-shield works on Windows.

Some ways:

1.  Use tar (and optionally compress, gzip, or bzip2) to put the
    install tree into an archive to distribute; have the user untar
    it, then execute an install shell or Perl script or do "make
    install" in the install tree.  Sticking with tar, compress, and
    Bourne shell is likely to be the safest, since not everyone
    has installed gzip, Perl, or make.

2.  Make a Solaris pkgadd install tree and use the Solaris
    pkgadd, pkginfo, etc. commands to manage it.

#2 may be better for device drivers and "OS level" type things,
but #1 is likely to be more general, especially if you are offering
the software on more Unixes than Solaris or if users are likely
to choose different places in the directory tree to install the

BTW, InstallShield installs on MS Windows are often annoying because
(1) it is not obvious how to use them in a non-interactive way (if
you have to install a package on dozens of computers, you want an
automated way of doing the install), and (2) they usually want you to
stop other programs before installing and reboot the computer afterward
for some reason (and don't tell you why).


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