2.4 X86: ftp error, socket permission denied?

2.4 X86: ftp error, socket permission denied?

Post by John » Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:00:00


I just installed Solaris 2.4 X86 and created an account
belonging to the "staff" group.  When I ftp to another host,
it gives me the message,

socket: Permission denied.

I thought ftp was suppose to be preconfigured?  Any help would be
Best regards,

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        My Linux 2.0.20 PC is connected to a network where I have an
account under my same username.  My Linux User ID (UID) was 501 and
my network UID was 9311.  When this was the case, I could
"rlogin netmachine" with no problems.

        But then I went through and changed my user ID on my Linux
box so that I could mount some disks and be identified as the same
user.  When I changed my Linux UID to 9311, suddenly "rlogin" no
longer works, and it gives me the error:

rcmd: socket: Permission denied

        Why is this happening?  Any tips would be greatly
appreciated!  Thanks!
                                                -- Glenn Lewis



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