Thinkpad COM1 PPP problem solved - thanks

Thinkpad COM1 PPP problem solved - thanks

Post by David Hen » Sat, 11 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Thanks to all those who pointed me in the right direction to solving
the problem of ppp not working on my Thinkpad.
The root cause was COM1 not being enabled.
For those in a similar jam, I've summarised the results in

David Henry


1. Linux==>SCO PPP/CHAT Solved - THANKS !

Just a thanks to everybody who helped me out solving my problem connecting
my linux box to a SCO box via PPP.

The problem I reported was that the SCO box was acting like it never got the
login or password from the linux box.

The problem turned out to be (as suggested by a fellow netter), that SCO's
getty doesn't like to have characters sent at it too quickly.

By putting a delay between the time that I saw the login and when I actually
sent the login string, It resolved the problem and the PPP connection works
great now.

One thing I'd like to see added is a dial on demand capability. It would be
nice to just be able to say telnet, and not have to think about whether the
connection is established currently or not. Maybe there's a way to do this
and I just don't know what it is yet.

Any thoughts ?!


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