anyone using veritas database edition 3 for oracle??

anyone using veritas database edition 3 for oracle??

Post by vob » Sun, 18 Aug 2002 20:33:43

are there any experiences with veritas dbe for oracle

1. Veritas Database Edition for Oracle 8i in an OPS(Oracle Parallel Server) environment

We are a small software development company in the process of
configuring an OPS environment. Our environment will consist of:
Oracle 8.1.7 - OPS
Veritas Database Edition/Advanced Cluster 1.0 for Oracle8i
(2) Enterprise 450 servers running Solaris 8

The missing link is the disk array. The only disk arrays supported by
Veritas for the Database Edition/Advanced Cluster 1.0 are the EMC
Symmetrix or Hitachi 9900 series. These storage systems are more than
what we need in our development environment. I'm looking to see if
there is anyone out there who is running the Veritas Database Edition
with a Sun A5200 or similar storage system.

Thank you.
Tracy Williams

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