2.5 x86 DU5 application during a net jumpstart?!

2.5 x86 DU5 application during a net jumpstart?!

Post by Kevin Higgin » Wed, 11 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Okay, I'm stumped. I'll admit it.

This is my problem; if you can help I'll bless your next six
generations. <g>

Situation: We're running x86 on a Compaq server (ProSig 300) with
a setup using a custom jumpstart process to build client servers
off of a network. So far, so good. However, the server we're using
is being discontinued (naturally! <sigh>). In an effort to get
a jump on the upcoming change, we're evaluating another server
for candidacy as our client server platform (these servers will be
placed in many stores around the country, so maintaining the
automation we've built into this process is essential).

Currently, the jumpstart process works flawlessly. Our current
server works with Solaris x86 v2.5 without the need to apply the
update package(s).

Problem: the server we're evaluating is a newer model, and requires
the use of Update 5.

Status: This new server WILL accept a basic Solaris installation (off
of the CD). It will NOT work properly after being jumpstarted over
the network from our "old" servers.

Detail: I've tried this using the Solaris jumpstart update procedure,
which requires manually inserting the distribution diskettes in the
middle of the jumpstart process--this isn't satisfactory, but that's
moot, since it doesn't work anyway. The jumpstart process runs
normally, but after the client server is rebooted, it page faults
out as soon as it tries to hit the kernel (I don't YET have experience
at troubleshooting BAD TRAPs and kernel faults--any pointers in that
direction would be appreciated). Thinking that the problem may be
that a file being copied as part of the jumpstart process might be
overwriting the update application, I've customized the update
procedure so that the distribution diskettes are applied as the
LAST step in the jumpstart. The new server STILL page faults out
after being rebooted (the new server is an IBM PC Server 310).

What on EARTH could be causing this failure?! Better yet, what might
I do to fix it?

Oh, and thanks for reading this wall of text!


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Any help is appreciated.



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