Looking for System Administrators inIndianapolis

Looking for System Administrators inIndianapolis

Post by Apjon » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00

               UNIX System Administrator

Required General background traits:
     1. Good planning, teamwork, and communication skills.
     2. Capable of or demonstrated experience in leading
          network projects.
     3. Capable of  transferring knowledge.

Required Technical Background:
     1. Advanced UNIX system administration experience on:
     2. Demonstrated experience installing and upgrading
          the operating system.
     3. Demonstrated experience doing advanced troubleshooting
           and problem solving.
     4. Demonstrated experience in system tuning- involving
           capacity and performance management.
     5. Demonstrated experience defining and installing
           appropriate system security.
     6. Demonstrated experience creating and recovering data files.
     7. Demonstrated experience creating shell scripts.

Desired Technical Background:
     1. Knowledge of:
          >C Programming

Respond to:

   or:     Janay DeBruller at Tech Services Network


1. Looking for UNIX/AIX System Administrator

I have a friend who doesn't have Internet access so I'm posting on
his behalf.

He's looking for a system manager/administrator for unix systems.
He would prefer someone with AIX administration experience.  This
job is in the Kansas City area and would pay $35 to $40K/yr.

The job description specified that the person be able to set up
and maintain file system, user accounts, and procedures.  Sounds
like pretty basic system admin requirements.

If you're interested, contact me and I'll have him call you.
To qualify for this job you must be able to interview so if you
aren't in the US, consider this.  Also, you must be qualified
to work in the US so if you aren't a US citizen, consider this

University of Kansas               Voice: (913)864-0413
Lawrence, KS  66045                  FAX: (913)864-0485

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