Q: Setting off automount, automountd, autofs

Q: Setting off automount, automountd, autofs

Post by Casper H.S. Dik - Network Security Engine » Sun, 31 Aug 1997 04:00:00

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>    I have a quite simple question: how can I set off the automounter, which mounts automatically /home when it is not mounted?  I can't add anything to /home by myself.  When I try this innocent command as root, I receive:
># cd /home
># cp /dev/null toto
>cp: cannot create toto: Operation not applicable

The solaris FAQ says:

*3.4) Why can't I write in/mount over /home?

    SunOS 5.x is delivered with the "automounter" enabled. The
    automounter is designed for NFS sites, to simplify maintenance of
    the list of filesystems that need mounting. However it is a burden
    for standalone sites.

    The automounter takes over /home and in effect becomes the NFS
    server for it, so it no longer behaves like a normal directory.
    This is normally a Good Thing as it simplifies administration if
    everybody's home directory is /home/<username>, regardless of their
    physical location.

    If you want to continue to use the automounter, edit /etc/auto_master
    and comment out the line starting with "/home".  Then run the
    "automount" command which will cause automountd to reload the maps.

    To kill it off for standalone or small networks running Solaris 2.3
    or later, you can stop automountd by running "/etc/init.d/autofs
    stop".  Prevent it from starting at boot time by renaming the file
    /etc/rc2.d/SXXautofs to /etc/rc2.d/sXXautofs, where XX are two
    digits depending on the OS release. (If you change your mind, just
    rename it back)

    In Solaris 2.2, the procedure is different.  You need to comment
    out the three lines in /etc/init.d/nfs.client that start "if" (from
    the if to the fi!!), and reboot (Solaris 2.2)

    To learn about it, read the O'Reilly book "Managing NFS and
    NIS", or ftp the white paper 'The Art of Automounting".  from
    sunsite.unc.edu in the directory /pub/sun-info/white-papers.

    --- end of excerpt from the FAQ

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