Upgrade inn1.4 on Solaris2.4(SPARC)

Upgrade inn1.4 on Solaris2.4(SPARC)

Post by Aileen Jandoc Adach » Mon, 11 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I want to upgrade INN1.4 on Solaris2.4(SPARC). But in the INN2.1
Document("Install"), Solaris2.4 is not explicitly supported. So do I have to
choose INN1.7?
And also if you have experiences with this upgrade (INN1.4 -> INN1.7) , pls.
show me especially about $inn/config/config.data how to configure it on

1. INN1.4 ported to Solaris2??

Apologies if this is a FAQ but i've been unable to locate the
news.software.nntp faq.

Has anyone ported or attempted to port INN1.4 to Solaris2 ?

I am currently running INN1.3 on a Sun 3/480s running SunOS4.1.1

However in a very short time the new news and mail hub will be
arriving, this will be a SPARCserver1000 running Solaris2.3 so yours
truly will be having to get INN1.4 running on that!

Any hints or suggestions greatly appreciated.


Really like INN Rich, I just built 1.4 in 1/2 hr on a SPARC 10
I shudder to remember how long I spent messing about with Cnews and
nntp 1.5.11 argghh! :-)


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