Windows on Solaris?

Windows on Solaris?

Post by Rajesh Chaw » Thu, 01 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I'm looking for information on what windows apps Solaris can run on
a x86 machine.  I realize I can boot the machine into Dos or NT
and run the apps that way, but I would like to be able to
run Windows and Solaris apps together on the same screen.

I also want to be able to access a CD-ROM and a modem from both



1. Solaris, Windows NT, Window 95, Linux boot question

I have all four of these OSs installed on one of my computers. While they all
work fine, the boot process is a pain. I hoping someone can suggest a way to
fix it.

Right now I have to boot Linux from a floppy. If I don't use the floppy, the
Solaris boot manager comes up and gives me a choice of Solaris or the MS-DOS
partition. If I choose the MS-DOS partition, the NT boot manager comes up and
gives me a choice of NT or 95. I would much prefer to have a single menu that
list all four OSs, rather than having to go through several layers of menus.

If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate it.


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