Win2k and Solaris using ipsec

Win2k and Solaris using ipsec

Post by Subhodini Fernand » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 03:20:03

Please let me know if anyone has managed to integrate Win2k with
Solaris 8 using IPSec.



Win2k and Solaris using ipsec

Post by Dan McDona » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 10:20:48

>Please let me know if anyone has managed to integrate Win2k with
>Solaris 8 using IPSec.

If you insist on Solaris 8, you'll have to find your own PF_KEY-compatible
IKE daemon.  Solaris 8 doesn't do IKE out of the box (Solaris 9, however,

Win2k doesn't do manual keying... and AFAIK none of its successors do either.

Your best bet is to get Solaris 9.
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I have a need to communicate across my internal network using IPSEC
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I have found very little documentation regarding IPSEC from sun. But
what I have found allows me to create a ipsecinit.conf file and I have
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The problem arrises when I want to update the SADB.
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pre-shared secret. It wants me to enter the actual encryptalg and
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