New tool for testing X applications

New tool for testing X applications

Post by Derek Sou » Tue, 11 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Automated Testing Solutions announces a new testing product for X
application developers.  Our initial product, ATS/X-Tester provides
developers with fast, economical and easy way to automate unit testing
of X applications.

ATS has developed a new, non intrusive mechanism for testing X and
Motif application without the need for modification, instrumentation
or other tampering with the x lib.  This ensure True testing of your
application in its native environment.  Users simply record mouse and
keystrokes as a user would use the application.  ATS/X-Tester records
these and creates a human readable and editable test script for

ATS entered the unit testing market to fill a void in the current
offerings by other tool vendors.  Our solution is specifically
targeted at users who need to test but who are not interested in
committing to an enterprise wide high cost high functionality
solution.  Customers can expect to get a five user floating license
for under $20K.  First version is on SUN with additional platforms to
follow this summer.

Until June 30 ATS is offering all new customers a special introductory
offer.  All purchases made by that time will receive a free upgrade to
ATS/QA-Tester which will offer added features such as widget support
and an extensive report generator.

For more details e-mail, FAX or Phone.  214-789-5170 214-789-5178 (