Help us kick the tires a bit :)

Help us kick the tires a bit :)

Post by Stephen K. Giel » Mon, 20 Sep 1999 04:00:00

The setup: consists of four ultra 10's:

Each with one gig ram.
Each with a 100 Mbit direct ether pipe to the Internet.
Each in a different geographic location.
Each running Solaris  :)

These machines will soon be upgraded to E450's, each with 2 gig ram, quad
fast ethernet, and adding three more points of access, including a
machine in the UK and Tokyo.

This is a load balancing system we are working on with GTE
Internetworking (they do the work, we do the playing :). You are
automatically directed to the quickest responding machine.

Help us give the tires a good kick, we just migrated the main site.



Stephen K. Gielda
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1. Why does mail kick us off?

I'm trying to tackle this unusual problem and I hope someone on this list
could help me or maybe point me at a source.  I'm basically a SUN sysadmin
but I have to send mail to a many machines running SCO. I just installed
the latest sendmail program  V8.12.6 and when we try to connect to a SCO
box the TCP connection between us and the SCO system gets closed at the
SCO side. This only happends when we try to pass mail. I can telnet
without problems to the sco system as long as its not to port 25 (smtp).
Other sendmail versions seem not to have this problem.

I've looked over the TCP exchange and it seems that when the sco system
should be passing the helo message it sends a FIN closing the connection
instead. Our sendmail reports this as "connection reset by peer host".

Has anyone run into this problem with their SCO systems?  A few sco sysadmins
think this explains some unusual rejects they've been seeing lately. If
you've run into this and know some way to fix it (I'm willing to hack
sendmail on the sun to get it working) please e-mail me. Were getting
desperate because a lot of our customers run sco and the mail queue
is getting larger each day with undeliverable messages!


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