Solaris 2.2 and NFS hang.

Solaris 2.2 and NFS hang.

Post by Andy S » Tue, 14 Dec 1993 22:52:32

Has anyone on the net experienced Solaris 2.2 locking a system solid?
The specifics...  I have a Sparc 10 Model 41 that is running Solaris 2.2
on it, the only real services I have being done by the machine currently
is acting as an NFS server to 5 other Sparc 10 Model 30's running
Solaris 1.1 (SunOS 4.1.3).  The Solaris 2.2 machine basically is not used
for anything else at the moment but experiences a hang about every 2 days
or so.  So bad that STOP-A (L1-A for us older sys admins) does absolutly
nothing and the only way of reseting the machine is the old power switch.

Anyone else experience this or have some idea or what might be causing
it?  Is there a chance this might get better or worse in Solaris 2.3?
Could it be because I am mounting the disk pack local to Solaris 2.2
heavily from Solaris 1.1 machines?  (i.e. any incompatibilities in NFS?)

Any help would be appreciated.  I prefer replys by email as I do not have
that much time to read the groups.  I will summarize any replys back to
the groups.



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