TN3270 emulation under Solaris 2.3

TN3270 emulation under Solaris 2.3

Post by Wendy Ro » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 07:31:29


Could anyone give advice on commercial or non-commerical TN3270 emulation
packages for Solaris 2.3?  Have you tested it, how does it work, where
did you get it from?  Thanks!

Information Technology Division
University of Michigan


1. tn3270 under Solaris 2.3


does anybody know a tn3270-terminal-emulation which I can compile under Solaris 2.3?
I got the tn3270-4.1.1 but this is heavy BSD-code which gcc under Solaris can't eat...
Are there any other tn3270-terminals out there or has anybody a newer version of tn3270?
I wanted to contact the author, but the address isn't valid...


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