Shared Library error whilst invoking Oracle, sql and svrmgrl

Shared Library error whilst invoking Oracle, sql and svrmgrl

Post by Dominic Simpso » Thu, 14 Mar 2002 19:25:46

Hi All,
 I have installed Oracle 8.1.7 for  Solaris intel/x86  (obviously on
Solaris 8  x86) and i am experiencing shared library errors.

When i invoke SQL or  SVRMGRL (server manager) i get all sorts of shared
library errors  please find some of the errors below

1.When invoking oracle server manger ie  svrmgrl, i get the error message
ld:fatal  relocation error :file svrmgrl :symbol kgffiop

sometimes i also get symbol referencing errors

2.When invoking sqlplus , i get the error message sqlplus : fatal relocation error file
/opt/app/oracle/8.1.7/lib/ symbol nnfoboot :referenced symbol
not found

During the oracle installation i  also experienced minor errors which i
such as ..."errors in invoking target domerge of mkfile

I found out fom the oracle metalink website that i have to run a command
"relink all"  or  "make -f install"   command.  but i am still
having errors when i run these  commands   i get relinking errors.

Once the relinking completes (with relinking errors) i still get the
following errors

After successfully installing Oracle 8.1.7(for Solaris Intel) on solaris
2.8(Intel) i get the following errors.
Other errors i have seen are svrmgrl :fatal open failed : no  such file or directory
killed svrmgrl :fatal open failed : no  such file or
I have seen all variations of these ld errors , whilst installing oracle i
also saw another error

errors in invoking target domerge of mkfile

Any help would be appreciated.Thanks


1. su - oracle -c svrmgrl


i 'm having a problem after restarting the server.

when login as root i can start svrmgrl, oracles servermanager.
when i su - oracle i can start svrmgrl too.
But when i log in as root and i do the following command
su - oracle -c svrmgrl i get an error: svrmgrl not found.
ORACLE_HOME is existing and good
LC_MESSAGES is gone.

someone has an idea to rersolve this?

Thanks in advance

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