kernel panic: srmmu_unlock_ptbl

kernel panic: srmmu_unlock_ptbl

Post by George Lindho » Wed, 16 Jun 1993 03:27:06

Twice now, Solaris 2.1 LX box has died due to a kernel panic with the message
"srmmu_unlock_ptbl: ptbl ...... not locked". Sun keeps putting me on hold
so has anyone any ideas (or heard of a fix or should I just upgrade to 2.2?)
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1. panic not rebooting even though /proc/sys/kernel/panic=1?

Anyone know why a kernel panic would not cause a reboot even though /proc/sys/kernel/panic is set to "1"?

This morning I had the following message on the console of a 2.2.14 box that had been sitting idle overnight:

When I pressed ENTER, I found that bash was still responding, though when I tried to run "top" everything froze until I pulled the plug on the box:

   total 3
   drwxr-x---    2 root     root         1024 Nov  7 23:56 .
   drwxr-xr-x   13 root     root         1024 Nov  7 19:56 ..
   -rw-------    1 root     root            5 Nov  7 23:56 test.txt

   Kernel panic: Free list corrupted

1) Anyone know why the kernel panic didn't cause a reboot?

2) Or maybe why something like this would even happen?


Stphane Charette

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