nfs mount using privileged port: how to?

nfs mount using privileged port: how to?

Post by Mark Parke » Sun, 23 Dec 2001 02:45:26

I've got a few sparc 8 boxes and I'm having the nfs servers complaining
about the 'sent NFS request from unprivileged port' issue. I've changed the
portmon variable in /etc/system. And this help with the messages some.

The question I have is, how to you tell the nfs client, mount in this case,
to make the nfs request from a privileged port? I've searched the newsgroups
and man pages and haven't seen it. Any help would be appreciated.



1. NFS requests not coming from privileged ports

Our Solaris 2.6 NFS server is configured to accept NFS requests only
from privileged ports. On my RedHat Linux 7.2 desktop which has mostly
standard settings and the default kernel 2.4.9-13, NFS operations are
sometimes being denied on the Sun server and the Sun server complains
in the log files that the requests from my machine are not coming from
privileged ports. Is this Linux NFS client behavior configurable? Is
there a way to force the Linux client only to use privileged ports? I
realize that this is not really a good security feature considering
the nature of NFS, however, disabling this setting on the Sun server
requires a reboot and I'd rather not do that!


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