Can we remove 'Toggle Menu Bar' menu item which comes with dtterm ?

Can we remove 'Toggle Menu Bar' menu item which comes with dtterm ?

Post by Naimish Pari » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 00:31:44

When we launch dtterm in solaris, by default a 'Toggle Menu Bar' menu item
comes when we right click the title bar.

This item comes even when we set the 'menuBar' resource as False.
I am looking for a way to remove this menu item or disable it in the worst case.
Is there any way to do it?

Naimish Parikh


1. How to disable 'Toggle Menu Bar' option with dtterm

I am launching dtterm in Solaris 8 .
When we right click the title bar , a 'Toggle Menu Bar' menu option
comes by default.

I have specified :

dtterm -xrm '*menuBar :False' -xrm '*menuPopup :False"

With this resource the menu bar goes off initially, but once the user
'Toggle Menu Bar' it comes back.

I donot want the 'Toggle Menu Bar' option.

Does anybody know how to disable or remove this 'Toggle..' option?

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