Solaris 2.6 Install

Solaris 2.6 Install

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Hi all, Im new to the Sun world and Im having a problem installing Solaris
1st. Im not even sure if it will run on this system (Sparc Station IPC,
running Sun OS 4.1 )
2nd. I cannot get the system to boot from the CD and Im not sure how to kick
off the install after I manually mount the CD.
This  may seem trivial, but I'm kinda lost here..

Thanks in advance



1. solaris 2.6 install problem

I have a SUN SPARC 3500 system.  I am unsuccessful in installing Solaris
2.6 on this system.  During installation, when the system reboots it
comes up and says:
    "Cannot load drivers for

"Can'tload the root file system"
and then halts.
Has anyone experienced such a problem.  I am clueless at this stage.

                    Thanks for any suggestions.    Chakru

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