Q: PGX32; distorted display

Q: PGX32; distorted display

Post by u126068.. » Mon, 23 Jul 2001 04:54:26

I just inserted a PGx32 card in an ultra10/sol2.8 system. I did
configure it. I still have the motherboarded m640 one. When i plug
the monitor cable to the PGx32 one i get real distorted image.
When on m640 one i do:
%pgxconfig -prconf
---Hardware Configuration for /dev/fbs/gfxp0 ---
Type: GFX8P
Board: TSI Raptor GFX 8P
PROM Information: 1.11 00/07/06 TSI
EDID Data: None Available
Current resolution setting: 1152x900x66
Possible depths: b, 24, 8+24
Current depth: 24

%pgxconfig -propt
---OpenWindows Configuration for /dev/fbs/gfxp0 ---
OWconfig: system
Video Mode: 1152x900x85
Depth: 8+24

monitor is : sun microsyatems


%pkginfo | grep TSI reveals:
TSIpgx, TSIpgx.2, TSIpgxw, TSIpgxx, TSIpgxx.2.

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