SunSoft Developer & Networking Conference - Early Bird Deadline

SunSoft Developer & Networking Conference - Early Bird Deadline

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Plug in ...
     ... to the power of the Internet
   ... with the latest SunSoft technologies


  A Developer and Networking Conference
     from SunSoft, the Internet Software Company

   April 17-18 San Jose
     May 15-16 Boston

Register by March 29, save $100, and get a cool Java gift!

Save 50% on SunSoft Products!

Hear from the leaders in network computing innovation, and plug into
the knowledge you need to:
 * Build and deploy Internet applications
 * Use network objects and new development tools
 * Manage the secure enterprise
 * Turn your TCP/IP network into a corporate Internet

Learn How the Internet is Changing the Face of the Network

Led by the innovations of open systems -- ONC(tm), NFS(tm) and now
Sun's Java(tm) -- companies are plugging into the power of the Internet
for their network computing needs. Businesses are extending their
corporate information systems into Intranets, using the technologies of
the Internet to deliver dynamic, Web-based applications and easy access
to global information and resources.

For software developers, network architects, and systems
administrators, the shift to Internet-based computing has a profound
impact on the way applications are developed, deployed, and managed. To
remain competitive, you need to understand how to apply these new
Internet and Intranet technologies to your applications.

Connect with SunSoft, the Internet Software Company

Find out more about building Internet applications and get the tools
you need at the SunSoft Technology Exchange. This two-day conference is
your opportunity to connect with SunSoft, the company that pioneered
many of the technologies that make Internet and Intranet computing
possible. You can even walk away with SunSoft's hottest products for 50%
off the list price.


Four comprehensive conference tracks show you how to create
client/server applications with the most powerful operating environment
for the Web, work with SunSoft's award-winning development tools, and
simplify network administration with Solstice enterprise management

For more details on conference sessions, check out the SunSoft
Technology Exchange page on the World Wide Web at


 (Payment secured through credit card encryption)

Phone: 1-800-870-0098 or 1-800-638-7576 (in the U.S.)
 408-363-9396 (outside the U.S.)