AUTH_KERB to work with mount?

AUTH_KERB to work with mount?

Post by Paul Pom » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

Configuration: Sparc 5, Solaris 2.4.  MIT Kerberos server (V5 beta 5) running
on draco1.

with V4 keys and extracted into each host's /etc/srvtab file.  As root the
ksrvtgt root hydra1 command works correctly (on hydra1 of course).

Draco1 exports /export/draco1-mnt2 with the /etc/dfs/dfstab entry of
        share -F nfs -o rw=gocc,kerberos /export/draco1-mnt2
The share command reports
        -               /export/draco1-mnt2   rw=gocc,kerberos   ""  

On hydra1 I first kinit to myself:

Ticket file:    /tmp/tkt17372

  Issued           Expires          Principal

Then su and run ksrvtgt root hydra1:

Ticket file:    /tmp/tkt0

  Issued           Expires          Principal

And finally issue the mount command:

# mount -F nfs -o kerberos draco1:/export/draco1-mnt2 /mnt
Can't get kerberos key: system error
nfs mount: mount: /mnt: I/O error

Afterwards the log file reports

May  6 07:12:28 hydra1 unix: NOTICE: authkerb_refresh: no key: error = -1 (system error)
May  6 07:12:28 hydra1 unix: Can't get kerberos key: system error
May  6 07:12:28 hydra1 unix: WARNING: authget: authkerb_create failed: I/O error (kerberos error -1)
May  6 07:12:28 hydra1 unix: WARNING: clget: authget failed (scanning chtable): I/O error

The kerberos logs show only the requests for hydra1/root and ppomes.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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