Solaris 8, Ultra 10, and CDROM problem

Solaris 8, Ultra 10, and CDROM problem

Post by Ron Zcor » Mon, 09 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Clean install of Solaris 8 on Ultra 10.  CDROM tray ejects during boot. A CDROM
can be inserted and ejected during use. If tray is closed without a CDROM tray
can no loner be opened and system must be booted to regain use of CDROM tray.

Any clue what is causing this ? Is this typical of solaris 8?

Current work around is to keep a CDROM in the tray.  Is there a way to disable
CDE's CDROM pop-up window?  It is an annoyance to users not currently using a
CDROM.  (It's even an annoyance to users using CDROMs).


1. Jumpstart solaris 10 b69 and solaris 10 b72 on an Ultra 30

I am trying to jumpstart a Sun Ultra 30 using Solaris 10 b69
(b72 gives the same results) from a Linux jumpstart server.

I have scripts for all this (soon to be release opensource!) but
..although I can get b55, beta5(b60) and b63  and b55 to work
b63 and b72 do not work!

since this is an Ultra 30 I went to
and ran Patch 105930-06 with no problems.

Even now it does not boot.

- bpgetfile shows all parameters can be retreived ok.
- nfs mounts all work
- pfinstall shows the profile is ok
- I've checked the rules file and it is fine.
- The /tftpboot directory is setup correctly with the right inetboot file.

boot net - install
I can see the tftp transfer clock up ok to 38600
The linux server shows the correct mount of the root= directory.

Normally the kernel banner should appear next but instead I get
loads of messages

not found: vmem_create
not found: vmem_alloc
not found: cv_signal
not found: wake_sched_sec
not found: physmax
not found: putreg
not found: fp_precise
not found: ddi_prop_lookup_init_array
not found: sema_v
not found: traceregs
not found: psignal
not found: strcmp
not found: fop_putpage
not found: strcmp
not found: global_zone
not found: fastscan

etc.. and eventually

krtld:error during initial load/link phase
panic - boot:exitto64 returned from client program

and I'm back at the ok prompt

1. From the book "Solaris Internals: Core Kernel Architecture" using

/usr/ccs/bin/dump -Lv /platform/sun4u/kernel/sparcv9/unix

mentions the line NEEDED..dtracestubs

but I cannot find dtracestubs under that /platform directory.
Is this a problem?

2. nm on things seems to indicate the missing symbols are in genunix
but I'm not sure how to debug what is going on??

3. eeprom | grep boot-file give
boot-file: data not available so I assume a 64-bit boot should occur.

On the net I've seen add set moddebug to /etc/system but the
Solaris Internals boot indicates that /etc/system is read AFTER
krtld does an inital link.

I'm totally stumped why this will not work...Any ideas?

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