XIL Library files not found

XIL Library files not found

Post by H. Withro » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

After applying 2.5.1 Recommended Patches I get errors finding  library
files when Imagetool is asked to save a file as JPEG.  The
LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to the correct directory.  It still seems to work
on a machine that does not have the Ptch Cluster applied.

cant find xilcomputeJpeg_SUNWmemory.so.1 is an example
LD-LIBRARY_PATH points to /opt/SUNWits/Graphics-sw/xil/lib

Any suggestions?



1. imagetool: xil library not found

CD> It's in /opt/SUNWits and its part of the SUNWxilrt package.

CD> BTW, it is always a good idea to include error messages, especially
CD> if you can't interpret them.

Yes, you are absolutely right.  Sorry for shortcutting.  Here's the

   error category: cat-5
     error string: di-161
         error id: di-161
   primary error detected at location ZYJMZPQFO58 in XIL
Image Tool: Unable to open XIL Library.

The file libxil.so.1 is on my LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

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