cpio reading multivolume floppy archives - say it ain't so

cpio reading multivolume floppy archives - say it ain't so

Post by k.. » Fri, 11 Nov 1994 17:00:17

What are you supposed to do when reading a multivolume cpio archive from
floppies, you get to the end of a volume and cpio prompts for the name
of the next device to read from?

If I just type in the device name of the floppy drive, cpio just
re-reads the floppy that's already in the drive since it never ejected

I found I had to use a separate shell to explicitly eject the floppy.
Then, after I insert the next floppy and type the device name in answer
to cpio's prompt, cpio keeps complaining that it can't access the device
(errno=0), until I do something like run "eject -d" in another shell.

It can't be this lame, can it? I've RTFM and if the answer is there, I
missed it completely. This in on Sparc SunOS 5.3.




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