HELP! having problems with getting uucp/mether going...

HELP! having problems with getting uucp/mether going...

Post by robert mye » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 01:27:02

I'm trying to set up a system (solaris 2.3) to use both ethernet and uucp for
sending and receiving mail into my home network.  I seem to be having a bit of
problems with selecting and configuring the proper  version of

I was told to use the (sic) file, and to copy it into
/etc/  when I do such, I try to send a message out to
a uucp machine that I am connected to via worldblazers.  Unfortunately,
when i check the /var/spool/mqueue file, i see the results of this:
a deferred message is created and stays in my system.

I had changed the entry in my /etc/hosts file to make my local system the

can anyone help me with resolving this issue?  I had configured smail on Linux
systems in the past successfully.  it's been a while since I had
to setup sendmail on a sun system -- last time being on a 3/110 running
SunOS 3.5.



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Recently I downloaded and installed the copy of sendmail 8.8.4 for AIX
4.1.4 from The problem is I'm having a real hard
time trying to get it going. I downloaded a copy of the sendmail 8.8.4
source and used the file in the cf subdirectory to create a file which in the installed in /etc. I added some alaises
to the /etc/alaises file and used newaliases to build the
/etc/aliases.db file. The only problem is when I try sending mail to
an alias it fails with one of the following errors:

550 hostmaster... User unknown: A specified file does not support the
ioctl system call.

554 cameron_kay... Unknown mailer error 2: A file or directory in the
path name does not exist.

Whats more is the alias for postmaster I've configured to send mail to
my personal account and not root. But when you email postmaster the
mail still goes to root.

Can anyone help me out.

- Cameron

Cameron Kay

(NeXTMail & MIME Accepted)

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