Fuji Xerox Docucentre 350 as N/W Printer on solaris 2.6

Fuji Xerox Docucentre 350 as N/W Printer on solaris 2.6

Post by Mantosh Kharka » Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:30:05

I  want  to  configure  a  remote  Fuji  Xerox  Docucentre 350  Printer
as  a  Network  printer  on  Solaris  2.6. I  did  configure  the  
printer  using  the  Unix  Filter 2.0 from ACEL. But  it  is  not  
printing when  I  fire  a  printout. Has  anybody  used  the  combination

Fuji  Xerox  Docucentre 350  Printer - Solaris 2.6 - Unix Filter  

Fuji  Xerox  Docucentre 350  Printer - Solaris 2.6 - JetDirect/Jetadmin

? Please  give  me  some  tips  on  it  and  a  detail  procedure  will  
be  greatly  appreciated.

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1. Installing a Xerox DocuCentre 230ST on Solaris 2.7

Hello group,

I am running solaris 2.7 on two of our servers, Sun Ultra 420R and 220.
I am in need of adding a Xerox printer to them, although I have not have
any success. I tried it using the admintool GUI and it did not work. and
by the command line everything seems to run smooth, but when I issue the
lp command nothing comes out of the printer. I will appreciate your help
if someone tells me how to add this printer. By the way, an HP 8000DN
printer has been added with no problems. I know HP behave in a different
way from the Xerox one (Xerox are BSD based) and Solaris 2.7 is based on
system V (that is how I understood it).

Victor Gomez
Novice System Admin.

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