solaris 8 install problem

solaris 8 install problem

Post by Neil W Ricker » Mon, 07 Apr 2003 05:46:33

>i want to install solaris8 on a sparc10 with two drives. i would like
>to put the swap partition on the drive which is not the root drive.
>but the cd install procedure seems to make this impossible - i am

That install cd might be useful for a bookmark (or maybe not).  But
don't use it to install solaris.  Boot from the "software 1 of 2" CD
to start your interactive install.

1. Solaris 8 Install Problems

I am having real problems installing Solaris 8.

My system is a Pentium Pro 200MHz
With 2.1GB Hard Disk and 80MB RAM.

Steps taken :
Booted with a Win95 startup disk used fdisk to delete all partitions
and also did fdisk /mbr.
Booted with the Solaris floppy.
Followed all the F2 continue steps in the Configuration Assistant.
Selected to boot from the CD supplied (there was only one cd supplied
for installation).
It then booted the system saying:
Configuring /dev and /devices
Using RPC bootparamsfor network configuration informationSolaris Web
Start 3.0 installer
It then just stops, saying :
Solaris installer is searching the system's hard disks for a location
to place the Solaris installer software.
No disk were found that meet the criteria in the Solaris installer
documentation found.
 please check the system or try another installation option.

At which point there is just a command prompt.
Typing ls -al shows that it has actually written stuff to the disk
(boot, etc, kernel, platform and var)

What am I doing wrong?  Do I need a bigger Hard Disk, I refuse to
beleive Solaris needs over 2.1GB for a default install!!



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