Q: How to set up Virtual Domain Name?

Q: How to set up Virtual Domain Name?

Post by Root of all Ev » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I know there is a program out there to do it, but for the life of me, I can't
find it!!  Please send replies via e-mail to:

Thanks!!  :-)


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I've been trying to setup multipul virtual host names for one IP on RH

For some reason the virtual host i have created doesn't seem to work.
When I use the DIG function to get some more info about the domain a
message comes back saying 'connection timed out'

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my DNS settings.  I have
two computers, one being the linux machine, and the other running
windows.  The windows computer uses the linux terminal as a DNS server
which appears to work okay.  I can type in the domain of the linux
machine and be forwarded successfully to the test page.

I have one network card installed in the Linux system, identified as
eth0 using IP

The hosts file containes the following (Linux terminal):    bart.simpson.com   localhost  localhost    simpson.com

The named.conf has entries for the 0.0.127.inaddr-arpa and
0.168.192.inaddr-arpa and simpsons.com zone (system domain).  Using
nslookup on things such as bart.simpson.com and localhost and resolve correctly.

The feedback i get from httpd -S is that the default server is journey.com (this is a virtual host entry in the

However i can't ping, nslookup or dig the virtual domain journey.com,
i simply get 'connection timed out' using dig or non-existent
host/domain using nslookup.  Neither of the systems are connected to
the internet, they are simply being used for testing purposes.  The
end result being that the linux terminal will be a DNS and caching
name server for the LAN.

Any suggestions on what i have configured wrong/forgotten to do.  I'm
very new to linux. so i'm not sure which files need editing, or what
entries should be made into what files etc.

Thanks in advance.


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