lemacs-19.10 on Solaris 2.3 (core dump)

lemacs-19.10 on Solaris 2.3 (core dump)

Post by Suresh Srinivas » Sun, 31 Jul 1994 01:18:22

Hello, I just installed the precompiled Lucid emacs 19.10 on my
sparc 2 running Solaris 2.3 (no patches yet).  I can edit files
fine but when I exit emacs with C-x C-c I get a core dump with the

Fatal error (11).
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Anybody else seen this?

Also, I am unable to save my options.  The error in the minibuffer
is "can't find END of saved state in .emacs".
I get this both with or without a .emacs in my home directory.

Others running Solaris seem to have none of these problems.

Thanks for any advice.





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  I just tried compiling lemacs-19.10 on my machine (Linux 1.2.9, gcc 2.6.3,
XFree 3.1.1, Moo-Tiff), but after the compilation (and the lisp-dumping) of
lemacs are completed, when I try to start the program I always get a
segmentation fault.
  For configuring lemacs I used configure with options
      "i486-slackware-linux --cflags=-O2 --with-xpm".
  The rest of the options was guessed correctly by configure.
I also tried compiling with -g or without xpm, but I had no success

  Anyone with similar difficulties? (Especially - someone out there with a
straight solution for this problem?).


P.S: Oh, by the way, I used the source as supplied on Infomagic March 1995

P.S2: The same worked with XFree 2.1 and Motif 1.2.4 ...



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