Remote printing not working

Remote printing not working

Post by Kamrul Ahsa » Thu, 15 Mar 2001 06:02:06


I'm testing to see if I can print from a client to a print server.
I set up a dt terminal as printer. On the server itself I can print
without any problem. Now if I print it from a client nothing appears
on the server. With snoop I notice some exchange of packets between
client and server by PRINTER on port 1023 but no files get created  in
/var/spool/lp/tmp/hostname_of_the_client directory. And of course I dont

see any output on the server screen. I get the following output on the

# lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: printer_name
system for test1: printserver_hostname
test1 accepting requests since Mar 13 15:42 2001
printer printer_name unknown state. enabled since Mar 13 15:42 2001.
test1-20               mail!root           605   Mar 13 15:42
test1-23               mail!root           605   Mar 13 15:42
test1-24               mail!root           605   Mar 13 15:42
test1-25               mail!root           605   Mar 13 15:42
test1-26               mail!root           605   Mar 13 15:42
test1-27            .........

I would appreciate verymuch if anyone can shed some light on it.

BTW, the client is running Solaris 7 and the Server is running Solaris 8

thanks in advance,



Remote printing not working

Post by Greg Andre » Thu, 15 Mar 2001 10:08:27

>I would appreciate verymuch if anyone can shed some light on it.

On the print server, make sure the tcp listeners are not running:

  pmadm -l -p tcp

If you see any services listed, you'll need to delete them:

  pmadm -r -p tcp -s lp
  pmadm -r -p tcp -s lpd
  pmadm -r -p tcp -s 0

You might need to restart inetd (kill -HUP pid-of-inetd) to let it
re-attach to the printing service port (515).

That's the most likely reason why your print client is unable to
transfer the print jobs to the print server.  The print server is
running the obsolete tcp listeners.  (they are no longer used as
of Solaris 2.6)

Also make sure the "printer" line in your /etc/inet/inetd.conf file
is not commented out.


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1. Aargh! 2.3 remote printing not working!

: At my workplace (not DePaul), we put a LaserJet 4M with JetDirect
: card for Ethernet and corresponding solaris software on our net.
: We find we can't do any remote printing.  The print job appears
: to move through the spooling system properly, but nothing comes
: out of the printer (details details).  HP says this one's
: out of their league (they deal with local printing only), and
: Sun's tech person hasn't yet figured out the problem.  
: Has anyone else been through this problem?  Is it 2.3's
: spooler, or has the JetDirect software fooled around with
: the system?

: (I notice others have been wrestling with JetDirect and Solaris
: problems, but they aren't _quite_ the same as mine..sigh.)

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I'm going to start out with the obvious:

Can you print from the printer's tftp/spool server?
(Make sure the subnet mask is configured correctly)

Is your 2.3 server set up to receive remote printing requests?

This is done by defining the printing service via sacadm, and setting up
port monitors via pmadm.  

I have successfully set up HP Jet Direct -> Solaris2.3 without any

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