quotas on Veritas File System??

quotas on Veritas File System??

Post by Mike Strawbrid » Wed, 01 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Do quotas work with the Veritas file system on Solaris?




1. file format of 'quotas' (Solaris disk quota system)?

I need help.

     What is the format of 'quotas' used to turn on the quota system. I read
the man page on 'quotaon', it says one needs to have a file named 'quotas' on
the root directory, refer 'edquota' for more detail. When I read 'edquota', it
refers back to 'quotaon' for detail. ---> <----!!

     Any one please provide the format of the file 'quotas'? Please email
if possible.

     Thank you very much.
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