New UNIX web development tool

New UNIX web development tool

Post by Brian Heikkil » Sun, 04 May 1997 04:00:00

TalentSoft Web+ 3.0 is available for Solaris and Linux at

TalentSoft Web+ is the premier web-based application development tool
for UNIX and Windows. By using an open, easy to learn scripting language
that closely resembles Basic and HTML, developers can quickly create
highly interactive applications that combine the power of database
interaction with the versatility of a thin-client architecture. This
makes Web+ an excellent choice for both large and small corporations
wishing to deploy powerful Internet and intranet applications quickly
and effortlessly.

The key features of Web+ are its support for mixed platforms and true
multi-tiered client/server architecture, allowing developers to separate
the client and server components to different machines that may even run
with different operating systems. With the components separated, Web+ is
extremely scalable, making it the ideal choice for sites with heavy