New Graphics card

New Graphics card

Post by rschau.. » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 01:40:16

I need to purchase a Graphics display card for my SUN Ultra-2 machine.
Where can I look for it? Any idea about the web site?



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1. READ THIS: XFree86 with new graphics cards...

I just finished setting up my Linux box (P166 - 32 RAM - Mach64 CT w/2 MB DRAM)
and had a real adventure trying to set up XFree86 (I couldn't get anything to
come up). After a little searching and asking around, the answer was so obvious.

Upgrade to X11R6 3.1.2D (
available in both ELF and a.out.

Install all but display drivers. Get newest display driver for your system from

After I did that, running xf86config was a breeze (no system hangs) and everything
works great.

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