reactivate last --> utmp, wutmp, wtmpx

reactivate last --> utmp, wutmp, wtmpx

Post by Carlos Re » Tue, 13 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi there.

I have a sparc 20 which is running under solaris 2.5  and NIS+

When I do the last command I can see that it is not working properly.

If a do a last nothing apears

if I do last root I see some stuff

and if I do last user I see nothing

utmp, wutmp, wtmpx, and lastlog  they apeard to be modified in todays date.

Does any body knows how to reactivate the last command ?

thanks in advance


1. Xdm login -> wtmpx -> last ???

Help, I know this question has been asked before, I have xdm serviced
devices (HDS FX-17 Ultras, PC X servers and SPARCstation consoles) that I
need to get login information into wtmpx. All of this running in a Solaris
2.3 environment. Sessreg does not provide a mechanism that maintains the
remote host information. I can't find (or create) an xlogin that works.
Writing a log directly from Xstartup (or GiveConsole) is not appealing (I
would like ftp, telnet, NFS, etc. accesses to be "interspersed" with the
xdm accesses in the output from last).

The ultimate goal of all this is to provide a list of all users that have
been allowed access (by whatever mechanism) to a single SPARC 20.


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